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FREE GROUND SHIPPING on all orders over $99 (contiguous USA only)
FREE GROUND SHIPPING on all orders over $99 (contiguous USA only)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Minimal Effect on Supply Availability

Did You Know?

Companies worldwide adapted to the new way of doing business due to COVID-19 and some of these changes are not favorable to customers.  Many of our competitors are taking 2 to 7 business days to ship out orders.  Even Amazon has determined printing supplies are non-essential and delivery times are showing over 30 days, even if you have Prime.

We're still here for you!

  • We're STILL shipping in stock orders within 24 hours, even with social distancing guidelines and limiting on-site staff!
  • Sales and Customer Services Teams are all working remotely.
  • In short, we haven't skipped a beat during the pandemic and the required operational changes haven't effected our ability to service our customers.


There's been an increasing concern from many of our customers regarding how the Coronavirus is affecting our ability to supply products over the next few months.  Let us put your mind at ease.

Compatible Products:

The majority of our compatible products and components are manufactured right here in the United States.  We do carry some products that are manufactured outside of China and are bulking up our inventory beyond normal levels.  We've always tried to avoid relying on Chinese manufactured components when ever possible.

Our Facility in Rochester, NY:

New York State issued a stay-at-home mandate effective on March 22nd.  Under the new guidelines, we're able to continue shipping orders by limiting the amount of staff at our warehouse.

Our Sales and Customer Service Teams are working 100% from home.

We increased production prior to the NY stay-at-home mandate anticipating being required to decrease on site staff.  Products we manufacture in house are stocked at much higher levels than normal.

Shipping staff is rotating on a daily basis with one person on site per shift.  Our internal systems and shipping staff worked hard over the years to be as efficient as possible.  We haven't skipped a beat shipping orders within 24 hours since reducing on site staff levels.  

We continue to work out of our facility with a significant reduction of on site staff while still maintaining social distancing and sanitizing work areas.  Much of the protective gear we use in our manufacturing process is much more robust than what the CDC recommends.  There will be minimal exposure between staff members.

The misconception about "New York":   
Anyone who lives in NY can related to how some people think everyone lives in New York City when we mention we're from NY.  There are many cases of the Coronavirus reported in the media as from "New York", but news outlets frequently leave out "City".  

We are located in Rochester, NY which is roughly 370 miles (over 6 hour drive) west of New York City.  There have been confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in our area, but none currently involve any of our employees.  

Rest assured, we're working hard to make sure you have uninterrupted access to wide format printing supplies.  If you have any concerns, please use the Contact Us form to reach out to our Sales Team.

Thank you for your business with us!

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