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Xerox 6R884, 6R891, 6R989 - What's the difference between cartridges?

The Xerox 6R884 (6R90269, 6R395), Xerox 6R891, and Xerox 6R989 are laser toner cartridges with similar looking cartridges with different pricing. We are often asked, "What's the difference between all four Xerox cartridges?"

Let's take a look at the differences between each toner cartridge for use in Xerox wide format printers, plotters, and copiers.

6R884, 6R90269, 6R395

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6R891 (006R00891)

6R989 (006R00989)

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We also carry Refill Toner Bottles

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We make our Xerox cartridges right here in Rochester, New York. The toner cartridges are manufacture by us, so you don't have to worry about getting a used cartridge which is just refilled with toner.  

Being a direct manufacturer also has its perks.  

The main difference between the Xerox 6R884 (6R90269, 6R395), Xerox 6R891, and Xerox 6R989 toner cartridges is each one has a unique head design and one has a different waste container. It doesn't allow the cartridges, or in one case the waste container, to be used interchangeable between wide format printers.  

We hope this clears up any confusing why there are various Xerox toner cartridges that look similar.

Our Sales Team is here to help! Contact Us If you're having trouble finding the correct toner cartridge for your wide (large) format printer, plotter, or copier.