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Why don’t you publish your phone number?

Why don’t you publish your phone number?

We understand your concern regarding a published phone number. To keep our prices competitive, we do not maintain a phone sales or customer service team. We handle all inquiries electronically. This sales model has served us well for many years. We pride ourselves in responding to all inquires quickly and accurately.

Shop In Today started back in 2005 with a published phone number on our website. Challenges started to emerge as the months progressed. The majority of our calls required us to email customers with url links, invoices, quotes, tracking numbers, and expedited shipping quotes. We were at a crossroads of either hiring more staff (leading to increased prices) or better utilize our website and staff.

In 2006, we decided to pull the phone number off of the site and move to an electronic communications model. Our staff could now become experts who respond to specific inquiries. You can rest assured the most qualified staff member is responding to your specific inquiry. If a frequent question is being asked, our staff has the ability to create a FAQ document directly on our site for all our customers to see. This allows us to handle more inquiries quickly, accurately, and effectively. Our customers are the driving force in making our website more informational and user friendly.

As we move into the future, we are always looking for more effective ways to communicate with our customers. Ask us a question and see for yourself why many customers choose to do business with Shop In Today.