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FREE GROUND SHIPPING on all orders over $99 (contiguous USA only)
FREE GROUND SHIPPING on all orders over $99 (contiguous USA only)

RMA Return Packaging Guidelines

At Shop In Today, we strive to make the return process as easy as possible.  For your convenience, we have developed this document to assist you in correctly returning the products back to our warehouse and insure you receive your credit as quickly as possible.  

Once you have received a Return Merchandise Authorization from Shop In Today, it will be important to ship the product back in an overpack.  Unless otherwise instructed, ALL returns must be shipped in the original overpack (including fill material) or equivalent.  The following are guidelines to assist you in preparing your return.  Failure to follow these guidelines may result in refusal of the shipment at our dock, a damaged shipment, and/or returning the shipment back to you at your cost.

As a reminder, the following cannot be returned:

* Opened Genuine - OEM products
* Products without original boxes and included parts.
* Products and product boxes that have been written on or marked.
* Photoreceptor Drums that have the factory seals broken.

 The Differences between Product and Overpack Boxes

Product Box can come in multiple colors.  The most box color common is either white or brown.  The easiest way to identify a product box is the outside will have the product description printed directly on the box OR there will be a separate label indicating what the product is.  This box is not designed to be shipped back alone and an overpack will be needed.  We have included a few examples below to show what product boxes may look like. 

Inkjet Box

An acceptable Overpack Box is typically always brown in color.  These boxes will have a "Box Certificate" seal imprinted on the outside of the box.  It is crucial that your overpack have a box certificate seal on it as many of the shipping carriers may deny a damaged shipment claim without having one of these seals.  We have included a picture of an overpack and a sample seal.  Please note that your box seal may have different ratings than the one pictured. 

Burst Seal

How to Correctly Prepare your Return for Shipment back to Shop In Today

For easier identification, we are going to show the Product Box as White and the Overpack Box as Brown.  Do not write the RMA number on the white product box.
Box Overpack

Use fill material,
such as packing peanuts or paper,
to fill any open space.

Overpack Fill
Your shipment is ready when the overpack is sealed, RMA number written on the outside of the overpack, and the shipping label is attached.  A separate packing list envelope is optional.
Correct Overpack Final

Ricoh Style Cartridges MUST have the blue vinyl tape (pictured below) reinstalled onto the cartridge (covering the toner exit ports) before shipping it back to our warehouse. You will need to use a cloth to wipe down the cartridge to remove any excess toner prior to reinstalling the tape. If the original tape is not adhering to the cartridge (or has been discarded), you may use electrical, scotch tape, or masking tape (not wide packaging tape) as a substitute.  
We cannot accept any returns that do not have this tape in place to cover the toner exit ports.  

RIcoh 888029 Cartridge

Examples of INCORRECT Ways to Prepare your Shipment

Shipping your product back to Shop In Today using any of the below methods (or any other non-approved method not illustrated) is not recommended and may result in the denial of a damage claim through the shipping carrier. Products not returned to Shop In Today in resaleable condition will not be accepted for return.  

Do not wrap bubble wrap around the product box and attach the return label to the bubble wrap.
Incorrect Bubble
Do not tape multiple product boxes together and attach the return label to one of the product boxes.
Incorrect Multiple
Do not ship back only using the product box, write the RMA number on the product box, and/or attach the return label to the product box.
Incorrect Box Only

If you need further assistance, please reply back to the email which authorized the return or click here to Contact Us.