On Backorder

The following products are currently on backorder.  If you do not see the product that directed you to this page below, it may have recently gone into backorder status and we have not had a chance to update this page.  Please contact Sales using the Contact Us form for further assistance.
Please note that the Estimated Restock dates are only estimates and subject to change without notice.  


SKU Estimated Restock PRODUCT
 PR8000  Contact Sales for Availability

2210440011, 022N00598 Pressure Roller for use in KIP 3400, 3620, 3820, 3900, Starprint 5000, 7000, 7070, 7090, 7095,
8000, Starprint 8000, 9010, 9810, 9820, OCE 7100, 7150, Xerox 721P, 8855 

 TD2950 Contact Sales for Availability   SUP2950-103A Toner for use in KIP 2720, 2720E, 2950, 4050, 4080, STARPRINT 4000 
Z154400280;OEM Contact Sales for Availability Genuine KIP Z154400280 Black Conductive Pressure Roller for use in KIP 7970, 9000 - KIP 9900 (and some prior models)
TD3050 Friday August 10th 6R884 (006R00884) Toner for use in Xerox 3030, 3050, 3060 (same as 6R90269)
TD9600 Tuesday August 6th B5 Toner Kit 25001843 for use in OCE 9600, TDS300, TDS320, TDS400, TDS450, TDS600